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Feelin’ Good

DIGITAL CAMERAThis has been a particularly good week for me coming out of my first solo show. The show went better than I could have imagined and, to be frank, I was almost overcome with the love and support that came my way. As ridiculous as it might sound, I was overwhelmed, it was almost too much to process!

For several years, I had placed almost all of my focus and concentration on my career, my 9 to 5, and gave up, in essence, a lot of the pursuits that had defined me for so long – my writing and especially my music. It’s not to say that I haven’t been myself in this period, or that I’ve fabricated an alternate personality, but, given the reaction I received from others after the show, and the level of shock and surprise that came from exhibiting what I knew was inside, I obviously wasn’t being my full self.

Going into the show,  several people informed me that I was taking a big risk. In their eyes, it was a significant leap, particularly by someone who was characteristically quiet and reserved, and confined to living her life very often within set boundaries that didn’t include being a performer – and possibly, someone who could, if the mood hit her, and when in her artistic groove, be charismatic and funny, and diva-esque and sassy.


I feel good, not just because I’m pleased with how I executed a show that had been in my mind’s eye for a couple of months, but because there’s something incredibly glorious about feeling like you’re in full bloom and are utilizing your strengths in such a way that it almost feels like you’re flying, soaring in fact. It’s been some time since I felt like I was very much in my zone.

It was a full house -oversold in fact – and I feel so thankful to have had the tremendous support of friends, family, and strangers too. It feels so good, so incredible to be fully embraced when you show people who you really are. There’s nothing like it.

Signing off.


What I Would Love

7348035690_d483c5e3e0_oI would love it if we could all go out for coffee or drinks or dinner or dessert without pulling out our phones. Even more, I would love it if friends and acquaintances – who weren’t on call – didn’t keep their phones on the table, perusing and examining the screen every few minutes in anticipation of an ‘important’ message. I would like to think that if we’re spending time with one another, it’s because we each think  the other is worthy of our time and –maybe –engaging and interesting even if, unlike our phones, we don’t possess voice recognition software.

I would love it if feminism wasn’t the other “F” word – a dirty word that some see as a relic of another time and not relevant to our present age, regardless of the fact that in many countries women are falling behind in representation in elected institutions and women still, on average, make less than their male counterparts.  I would love it if, when I said the “F” word, people would think of equality, and not of put downs or hatred of everything ‘XY’.

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The High Priestess

I’ll be performing in my first solo show in two weeks, partly out of a personal quest to do things that might scare me and push me beyond my boundaries à la the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. I’m stepping out from the choirs and crowds of people that have protected and sheltered me for some time and will venture to go it alone – well perhaps not entirely alone as I will have one security blanket, a piano.

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A Shared History

As many of you know February is Black History Month, so I will be doing a series of posts over the next few weeks to mark the occasion.

6889806341_dc63c9421f_zWhile the name of the month may be misleading, Black History Month is not just for black people. In an ideal world, there would be no need for a dedicated month to mark black history – and the significant contributions that blacks have made around the world – because it would be on par and as well-known as History, i.e. the mainstream history that many of us learned in high school. I don’t know how history was taught when you were in school, but in my school our teachers skipped over the chapter (yes, only a single chapter) on blacks in Canada and North America more generally.

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A Moving Experience

As we’re smack in the middle of Hollywood’s awards season, here’s a cinema-inspired post.

I realize that it is very difficult to execute a film well. I’ve never made a film, but from what I know, it is a complex endeavour. With a director, screenwriter(s), camera people, actors, editors, composers, producers, etc., so many minds and voices come together to create that moving picture.  It is easy for such a project to go badly. We can all name terrible films with implausible plots or bad acting. Sometimes the good intentions are evident, but no matter, the movie is awful and seems best reserved for viewing on a tiny airplane screen – because you wouldn’t dare to spend money to rent or download the drivel – to help you while the time between points “a” and “b”. So when, in spite of the complex process, a movie manages to be more than average, perhaps good, if not great, I have to applaud the various individuals who manage to make it happen and who manage to move a cynical moviegoer.

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