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Frenchy Redux

Loyal readers of The Y Variable will likely remember the post “Bianca and Frenchy: A Mismatch from the Outset”. We all assumed that once Bianca and Frenchy parted ways that that would be the end of their story. This turns out not to be the case.



Our heroine, Bianca, lives in a city that has in so many ways the characteristics of a small town. Most people are connected within only a few degrees of separation and the pool from which one can draw for dating purposes is limited. As a result, dating in  Bianca’s city can easily feel a bit incestuous.

The size of this limited pool was made even more evident to Bianca during a weekday lunch with a friend and work colleague named Grace. Bianca and Grace were joking about the trials and tribulations of dating when Bianca mentioned her less than wonderful date with Frenchy. As Bianca recounted her date with Frenchy and mentioned his various personality quirks, Grace’s eyes grew increasingly narrow as this Frenchy character seemed awfully familiar to her. Frenchy sounded very much like a crazy ‘someone’ she had met through a site and dated for a few weeks.  Now, Bianca thought that this was likely only coincidental – bad dates can happen to anyone –  but in order to satiate her curiosity, she decided to pull out her smartphone to access the dating app that still contained Frenchy’s profile.

Bianca scrolled down the screen until she found Frenchy’s photo and upon turning the phone in Grace’s direction received all the confirmation she needed. Grace threw her head back in laughter and rolled her eyes upon seeing the profile. Frenchy and Grace’s ‘someone’ were one and the same.

It turns out though that Frenchy had told Bianca and Grace very different stories about himself. Frenchy had used different names and ages with Bianca and Grace and had created two backgrounds that were quite at odds. While he had told Bianca that he had only moved to their city six months prior to their date, it turns out that Frenchy had been living there for a few years. Oh…and Frenchy wasn’t actually French. He had, for some reason chosen to create (quite convincingly) this identity. Neither Bianca or Grace could figure out why.

Bianca and Grace were counting their blessings though, as they had managed to rid themselves of this deceitful man, but there was a part of them that wished that they could play a trick on Frenchy.

So, Y Variable readers, what would you suggest as Bianca and Grace’s plan for revenge?

Please leave a comment below and stay tuned for the next Frenchy Redux post…

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