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Manners, Please: The Holiday Edition (The Third in a Series)

Happy_Holidays_Colorful_by_sharpkathy123It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost upon us. But before we celebrate the new year, we still need to get through the last few days of 2012, and, hopefully, we manage to do so with some style, grace, and a bit of decorum.

On this Christmas day and in the run-up to New Year’s eve, let’s try to keep it together.

The Art of Imbibing: How much is too much?

Whether you’re at the office party,  or celebrating various Christmas and holiday festivities with family and friends, one staple at this time of year, in addition to abundant treats of the sweet and savoury variety, is alcohol – from liqueur to bubbly, and white and red, be aware of getting overly-sloshed. Yes, I said sloshed, because it’s probably the only word you could pronounce in your inebriated state.

In my humble view, it’s best to leave a holiday party with one’s reputation intact, especially if you will see the individuals with whom you partied once again (particularly co-workers). If you’re the type to dance on tables, or do a striptease, or become very candid and honest with a boss you dislike when you’ve passed the point of being tipsy, then you might want to save the hard partying for another occasion. It’s best not to re-enact your favourite 80s boozer movie at a holiday party.

And when celebrating in a private residence, one must be even more mindful of how much of the aqua vitae one takes in. Hosts and hostesses love gifts and keepsakes and the delightful memories of guests who’ve enjoyed themselves immensely in their home, but no one wants that memory of a grown man or woman with their head in the ‘golden throne’ dry heaving. It’s not pretty.

The Gift Exchange: Act Happy, Even if You Aren’t

Christmas can be a delightful day for so many of us, especially for those of us who are kids at heart. The gingerbread houses, shortbread, mistletoe, a well-ornamented and lit Christmas tree, can bring great joy to all. And one cannot forget one of the greatest delights: the opening of presents. While I don’t remember most of the presents I received in my childhood, I do remember one year, when I was about five or so, when I received the gift that was number one on my list: the talking Cricket doll. (Only those born in the early 80s will likely know how big Cricket was!). It’s great to receive your preferred gift. It can make one ecstatic. However, in life we don’t always get what we want, and we need to prepare ourselves for this.

It’s possible that someone may use the occasion of Christmas to re-gift a present that no one could possibly want… to you. (Hopefully it wasn’t a gift that you gave them originally – that would be pretty horrific). Or, you might receive a fugly ________ (insert item of clothing here), or an unsentimental item, like a vacuum, or pots and pans, rather than a more coveted item, like an engagement ring, or a spa certificate. Given that so many events in life are documented by smart phones, including and especially Christmas day, I would recommend that you learn to keep a smile plastered on your face, even if you want to cry, throw the gift in someone else’s face, or engage in a temper tantrum. Remember, a child-like spirit  is encouraged at Christmas, but not actually acting like a child.

And with that, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for 2013.

Signing off.


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