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While one can get a high during a productivity groove – when you hit that sweet spot and manage to get through your to-do lists and major tasks like an overachieving ivy leaguer on speed – laziness on the other hand can feel oh so good.

The laziness I’m talking about isn’t necessarily that associated with procrastination. I’m talking about laziness in its pure form – laziness as a high art. It is the form that arises when one has no worries or cares, no ticking clock, no alarm bell to jar one from sleep to an awakened existence. It is laziness at its most relaxed. It is almost… beautiful.

Because when you’re in that lazy mood the beat of the heart is steady. The brow is free of sweat, free from worry. The surrounding world moves slow and sticky and sweet like honey.

It is laziness at its most happy, pleasant and delightful point.

That is when it is at its best.

Signing off,