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Travelogue -Part II

AirplaneI’m writing this post over what is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. I’m now several weeks into my trip to Asia and I’m feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the experience. So many people would love to be in my shoes – to have an opportunity to experience different cultures, to get on a plane and within hours be in a new time zone, to change their world view.

Some people will never have a chance to leave their country, let alone their city or even the ten block radius of their home, while I get to visit several places on a different continent. It’s easy to take world travel for granted, especially if you’ve grown accustomed to it. Boarding a plane, staying in a hotel – after a while it can seem mundane, even commonplace. On this trip, I’ve tried to remember how I felt the first time I travelled – the sheen of glamour in packing a suitcase, the trepidation during take-off and landing, even the alertness I exhibited decades ago during the flight attendants’ safety demonstration.

So, amongst all of the other things for which I’m grateful, this opportunity, this month in Asia is certainly high on the list. So too is the great hotel bed – there’s nothing like a good night sleep when one is on the road!

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  1. Trecia

    I can feel your appreciation.