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The countdown. These are the last things we say as the year ends before we explode with shouts, smiles, hugs, or kisses as we celebrate the beginning of a new year. I love the countdown. It makes me feel like I’m an Olympic runner at the start line, just waiting for the gun to fire so that I can leap out from the blocks. Each year, like each race, is new. The last one – the last year – doesn’t matter, especially if I don’t want it to, because I’m back at 1 – back to a fresh start.

Now I get to count up, from that pure, unblemished, solitary ‘1’. Even the look of it, the simplicity of it – the number one (1) – is beautiful. A single line, maybe two, with a curve on top; it looks like a clean slate.  The moment I count down to and count up from ‘1’ I can set the pace again and start anew.

I enjoy Day 1. The first day of the year.  The most hopeful of the 364 to follow. I like Day 1 because I can do almost nothing wrong at ‘1’. I dream about the year to come and wonder: what will I accomplish? Who will I meet? How will the year unfold in real life versus the year in my mind’s eye? The extraordinary thing about being firmly entrenched in Day 1 is the mystery of it. I have no idea, really, of what Day 2, let alone Day 362 will look like. All I can do at ‘1’ is hope that at the end, at ‘365’, when I’m reflecting on the year that was – who I was and who I tried to be – that I’ll be eager for the countdown again. Eager, hopefully, not to erase the numbers that came before, but excited to try again as I count down to and count up from ‘1’.

Wishing all of you a very happy new year. May all 365 days of 2013 treat you well.

Signing off.


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  1. Kat@asecondglance

    This is a beautifully written and thoughtful post. It’s like you pressed pause on the countdown to break down the meaning of the number 1 for you. The hope and anticipation of a fresh start is one of the few nice things about a time that usually marks the end of merriment with friends and family.

  2. Andrew

    Hi, Y.

    Thanks for following my blog. I’ve read several of your posts and look forward to more. It seems we see the world through similar eyes. It’s a wonderful way to practice the craft of writing, isn’t it?

    Do I know you? If not, curiosity begs me to ask how you found my blog… I only announce my posts through facebook, and it’s only a few weks old…


  3. The Y Variable

    Thank you for the comment and for reading the posts!

  4. The Y Variable

    It is a great way to practice the craft of writing. I wish I had started earlier! A friend recommended your blog. All the best to you!