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flickr-3842815564-hdWhile I told all of you in last week’s post that I would be writing Black History Month-themed blogs over the month of February, this week I thought that I would fill all of you in on a new development.

I’m part of a Mastermind group and as part of our discussions we inform others in the group of milestones we’ve reached as well as of our future plans for our individual projects. Acknowledging our achievements, whether big or small, is key as this spurs us on to take the next step and to continue setting other goals because we know that we’re going down the right road.

Like any other person, I have moments where I have my doubts, or feel less than 100% certain, but despite those doubts or niggling voices that seem designed to take me off course, I keep trying knowing that sometimes I’ll stumble, but sometimes I’ll be successful.

This past week, I had a success that made be feel like my return to this ‘writing thing’ was worthwhile and that I could contribute something, whether designed to provoke and  stir debate, or that would be relatable to others.

With a version of last week’s post, A Shared History, also published on Huffington Post Canada’s website as part of their Black History Month series I’m a step closer to achieving more of my writing goals. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/yaahemaa-obiriyeboah/black-history-month-canada_b_2633683.html. One published piece beckons another and another and propels me to set higher goals and to put myself, and my writing, more and more in the spotlight – whatever the results might be.

I feel buoyed by the support I’ve received from family and friends, and also from the people I’ve never met who read the weekly posts via e-mail, or Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks to all of you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to more milestones to come.

Signing off.


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  1. Kat@asecondglance

    Congratulations Y!! This is a true accomplishment and a testament to your fantastic writing skills. I love hearing about fellow local bloggers achieving goals they’ve set for themselves; thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. The Y Variable

    Thanks Kat.

    The support is really appreciated! 🙂

    I’m loving your blog, particularly the great recipes!